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Ready to create a beautiful brand that will serve you for years to come? Here at Some More Things, we work with a multitude of creative go-getters and entrepreneurs to create compelling branding that will help in reaching goals, create a reliable network and grow their business. Read more about the service packages we offer below!

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Logo Design & Branding, Custom Website, Social Media Management

Logo Design and Branding


Three to Five Weeks

Great for:

Driven business-owners, creatives, content creators or bloggers who are ready to take their brand to the next level. Effective branding takes more than just a logo. This package includes all the elements required to craft a believable and marketable brand and presence both online and offline.

What’s included:

  • Design Consultation
  • Brand Moodboard & Guidelines
  • Custom-designed Logo, Sub-logo and Icon
  • Four to Six Concepts – up to four rounds of revisions
  • Two Supporting Pieces – choose from business cards, newsletters, social media graphics, blog-post graphics, patterns, etc,
  • One-on-One Support and Guidance Throughout the Designing Process

Common Add-On Package Options

  • Brand & Website
  • Brand, Website & Website Copy
  • Brand, Website & Social Media Management

Custom Website


Four to Six Weeks

Great for:

The creative business-owner who wants to emphasize their presence online. A captivating, user-friendly and responsive website is a necessity for anyone wanting to have a successful and accessible business in this day and age. Tired of cookie-cutter websites and are ready to get noticed and stand out from the crowd? This package is for you.

What’s Included:

  • A Customized and Mobile-Friendly Site – can be built on Squarespace, WordPress, or Fully-Handwritten; up to five pages are included, more pages will be an additional cost
  • Blog Setup – optional
  • Online Shop Setup – optional
  • Two Online Forms Setup – examples: newsletter sign up, pop-up forms, contact form, etc.
  • Fundamental Search Engine Optimization
  • Forty-five Minute Introduction to Your Preferred Content Management System – Squarespace, WordPress, etc.

Common Add-On Package Options

  • Brand & Website
  • Website & Copy
  • Brand, Website & Website Copy
  • Brand, Website & Social Media Management

Social Media Management


Depends on Client’s Needs

Great for:

A socially-engaged creative who wants to emphasize their brand’s presence on all platforms. In today’s day and age, it is imperative that a business is marketing their products/services on at least one form of social media. If you are wanting to successfully reach a larger demographic, expanding your presence on social media platforms will do the trick.

What’s Included

  • Consultation of Your Brands’ Audience
  • Customized Social Media Posting Schedule
  • Full Presence on Four Forms of Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc
  • Fully Customized Social Media Graphics, Photography and Videography
  • Monthly Post Consultation – informs me what to prioritize on your social media presence each month
  • Common Add-On Package Options

    • Brand & Social Media Management
    • Brand, Website & Social Media Management
    • Brand, Website, Website Copy & Social Media Management

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